10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"have you seen my drawer of inappropriate starches"

I finished the first season of Dollhouse on netflix yesterday and I only got one quote. Damn you Joss Whedon! Today I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't spend any amount of time sitting down so I'm typing quickly while standing in my kitchen. I have baked beans in the oven and am working on the laundry, it's domestic goddess day. I'm making coconut cupcakes later and then any other thing I can think of because I didn't get anything done yesterday and I felt terrible. I'm determined to be more productive today to get out of this funk. If I have to force myself through it I will, one to do list at a time. The cupcakes will help too.


The Merry said...

Do I want to ask what would be considered an inappropriate starch?

No, probably not.

Then again, I spent part of my day in a project meeting where I ended up demonstrating how to do a shadow puppet silhouette of a buck-toothed bunny rabbit.

Not so sure about how much value that would have in the workplace, but it turns out not everyone knows how to do that.

Amy said...

I was a whole drawer of chips and the like, which actually sounds kind of gross but it was seriously the only funny thing said on that show. weird.