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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dancing in the streets

So, he be dancin'. This is my grocery store, and my pharmacy and the bookstore I used to work in and the best part is that almost no one reacts at all which is so Maine I can't stand it.


The Merry said...

So... if you're a Maineac, can you tell me if I've got the pronunciation right? I have the notion that the town is actually called Bah Hahburr, but that might be because I've been hanging out with Massholes, i.e. people from Boston who call themselves that and who've had the sense to follow Andrew Greeley's advice and go west... um, okay maybe it was Horace Greeley who said 'Go West Young Man' and Andrew is the priest who writes mystery novels and by the way could you lend me some punctuation I can't find a way to end this sentence and it's running on and on and there's probably a limit to how long a comment can be on this blog and I'm running into overtime and oh crap what do I do now--

Amy said...

One might say Bah Hahbah if one was local and like most locals had never left the state of maine, EVER. You spend a lot of time with Massholes eh? Does their driving scare the crap out of you? If anyone state should be forced to ride the bus...

Go west, that was the philosopher Liz Phair wasn't it?