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Monday, March 15, 2010

"It was like the Soviet Secret Police, if they cared a lot about shoes."

I found my jumprope last week. I bought it a long time ago and then I guess I lost it but now I found it and seriously jumping rope kicks my ass. And my pecs. Sheesh! I tried to do pilates one afternoon after jumping rope (a pathetic small amount of jumping) and my pectorals hurt so much I only got through about ten minutes. Five minutes of rope jumping makes my lungs burn like running up a hill. It's great exercise with an unexpectedly high learning curve. I'm sure I wasn't this much of a klutz when I was a kid, I have a long way to go.

I should be stepping but my knee is bothering me. I'm packing my knee tape for fitbloggin' but I only signed up to walk a mile. I should be able to walk a mile with no problem, we hike a few miles every day. Yesterday I had a hiking milestone. We snowshoed some trails over the winter and I learned them pretty well but when the snow melts you can't see the trail anymore and it looks just like any other part of the woods. I've been learning the new ground trail a little bit every day and yesterday I did the whole thing without worrying we'd die cold and alone in the woods. The dogs like new trails and I'm glad I learned some navigation skills.

It was a really great hike for me. I just watched a movie on hiking the appalachian trail and I'm all inspired for my summer hiking now. I really want to get some mountains this summer, last year with puppies we were still training and practicing leash walking but I think we're ready to do some actual mountain hiking this year. Knox has his backpack and I guess he'll be taking up the slack for Jolie, carrying toys and poo and snacks. I'm really excited about it actually, the snow is gone early and the weather is pretty beautiful for March. We're off to Bar Harbor today and we might get a little walk in there but probably we'll start our summer hiking right after fitbloggin', I can't wait!

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