10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"This must be what going mad feels like."

I can't believe fitbloggin' is so close, I can't even process it. There is so much going on in my head with budgeting and job searching that my brain is full and then every once in a while I see a tweet about the conference that wakes me up and it's like "wow, that's only a month away". So, wow, it's only a month away! I see the list of conference goers is getting longer and longer and I wonder if any of you folks are going that I don't know about? I was thinking of Baltimore this morning when it was snowing and now the snow has stopped and Damn you mid-atlantic for getting all the snow this year! We actually had mud yesterday, one shouldn't have to clean up muddy and snowy dog messes at the same time...there's a natural order of things that should be upheld here. I wonder if there will still be snow there in a month...the one big storm we had when I was in school there was a hot mess. The highways were awful and it occurred to no one to slow down, it was like a range rover sales lot got turned upside down.

So, I'm planning to drive to Baltimore and no one wants to drive with me, because I'm a leper. It hurts my feelings a little because I am an excellent driver and also I could totally use help with the gas money and not going crazy for 12 hours in a car by myself listening to my 90's dance mix. Seriously, I'm a catch. Baby road trips are great, you get all the fun parts without too much time to get road trip overload.

The other things I don't want to talk about are how I haven't lost any weight this week because I am a moron. Some days are just so hard for NO reason and you just have to pick up and keep going. Today I have painting planned which should keep me busy and out of the kitchen. Wish me luck for a better weigh in this week!


The Merry said...

Have fun on the road. Hope you don't wander into a village that has a statue of you in the main square and where the people have a tendency to burst into songs about how heroic you are. That sort of thing bodes.

Amy said...

It might stop us from getting on with our increasingly eerie ass day.