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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"you've got some nerve hogging all the brutality"

The other day I saw this really great bumper sticker that said "if the definition of beauty gets any thinner no one will fit" and I thought it was pretty awesome. I have no follow up because after I saw the bumper sticker I walked to the bakery and got a slice of cake, and then I ate the slice of cake and since I'm technically trying to be thinner it was all sort of bizarre as far as emotions go. The cake was amazing and the salad I had for dinner to give my points equilibrium was very good too so I'm calling it an excellent monday. Today was pretty good too! I got my new showshoes and I tried them out this morning and they're so light! I don't know if that's good for the calorie burning or not but I didn't want to die halfway so I'm calling it a positive.

I have been working on my new years resolutions which are kind of my all year resolutions and all boil down to being a grown up. My one real goal is to keep my kitchen clean. I hate cooking in a dirty kitchen and if I want to keep things rolling along on the taking care of myself front I need to cook. I'm washing dishes and wiping counters every day while my tea steeps and you know when you keep up with it you aren't tempted to use the steel wool to slit your wrists or anything! I really like my little house when it's clean. Not just for me but for Matt so we can have people over without feeling judged by the clutter. (My client is always talking about the people who judge her and she's so defiant about not caring and it makes me so sad because I really want to fix it with a hug and that's a huge FAIL.)

I've been a huge shopper these last weeks, I've been going wild with my christmas and birthday money. I picked up some really cute but simple kid sized bowls at target that are great for keeping serving sizes in line. I used one for a cup of yogurt and granola and it looked so huge I felt stuffed. It was completely visual and emotional, the bowl always looked full unlike a larger bowl which would have looked more empty. I guess I should take advantage of fooling myself into feeling full and happy.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

It seemed like a silly tip when I first heard it, but eating on smaller plates does make a difference. Crazy, huh?

Cake and salad... well, that's one way to do it, I suppose.

Good luck with them resolutions. I don't think I ever had one last this long into a new year...

Amy said...

I read it a hundred years ago in a fashion magazine and I've always gravitated toward smaller plates. I should get bigger ones for my boyfriend.

Rebecca said...

I loved..."it looked so huge I felt stuffed".

loved. it.

Amy said...

Are you saying I should be in the porn industry because that's a thought.