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Friday, December 11, 2009

"Your performance as a disgruntled minion was spot on"

Long time no blog, eh? I don't know what to say, which I guess is sort of the whole point. Today I did some good things and some dumb things and I'm pining for this friday to be over. I started out dyeing my hair. I've had the highlights for awhile and I'm too poor to have them professionally fixed so I did a full color and it's VERY dark. Perhaps I shouldn't have left the color on for fifteen minutes when the box said ten. Perhaps when I'm doing permanent damage to my appearance I should pay more attention to the time. And perhaps I'll get used to it, I hated the highlights when I first got them too. Just because I made my hair look like I spend my nights sucking the blood of the living doesn't mean I won't grow to like it eventually. And then the pie.

Actually, technically I started ruining the pie yesterday. I thought it would be fun to make something for myself that I love on my birthday so I mixed up a pumpkin pie. It looked perfect when I took it out of the oven and yet...today...not cooked. So, I figured since it was already fucked why not try to re-bake it? Why not indeed? Actually I did it twice because the first second baking just wasn't bakey enough. It finally got set after the third baking and into the fridge it went and I just tried a piece and I do believe I neglected to put sugar in it. It tastes very much like gnawing on a raw but custardy pumpkin. On the one hand I don't need a pie but on the other that was a whole lot of work to turn to nada like that. I suppose on the one hand it's a diet friendly pie now, sad.

That's all the dumb things. Why do I always want to talk about the dumb things first? On the good thing list I finished two quilts and a baby blanket for christmas. I have a few more things to sew up for my sister's girls and some pretty little bags I might make for my girly bath stuff gifts. I'm almost in the spirit now that my birthday is over. It was a very peaceful day and there was ice cream cake and I received the gift of a semi-used crock pot and a zone free dvd player so I can watch all 6 ridiculous seasons of Shameless. And I didn't have to cook dinner which is possibly the best present of all. I guess since I have the vampire hair I don't have to ever cook dinner again...I can just make with the pillaging. Upside.

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