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Monday, November 30, 2009

"You ran me over with a goddamn Buick."

Thanksgiving is over, the big trip is done and it wasn't so bad and now the long road to christmas. I have three quilts started and soon I have to start baking and I have this turkey to cook for no occasion at all. I had wanted not to do any christmas things until after my birthday but the sewing takes time and I don't want to leave it last minute. I have some projects I haven't even decided on yet so I really have to get my head screwed on. I have some patterns for cute clothes but I can't make a decision and if I don't choose soon the children will be unwrapping bits of fabric and sewing needles.

It's been a hundred years since I did any blogging and even now I've spent hours staring at the screen. My creativity is stunted lately. It was nice to have a few days off but it was so hard to go back to work today. I hate how lazy I'm getting, it's genuinely sad. My head needs screwing on in all directions.

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Slimma said...

Must be the cold...my creativity has been snuffed out by the pea soup fog and frost outside my window.
How long till summer?