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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"I recognize a military formation when I see one"

Ever since it rained for two months the bugs have been insane. The pup and I take two walks a day and I spend each one hitting myself in the head over and over again. At least there aren't any witnesses, if you don't count all the hidden bears and squirrels wondering how successful human evolution really is. I hate to say I can't wait for winter but this summer needs a reset button, it's been really unpleasant all the way around.

Today I feel pretty great though. I have gotten so much done since I got home. I feel so empowered when I get things done. I need to spray paint that on my wall or something. Matt would love that! I've done three pilates sessions this week and my body is so happy with me. I had been really sore and pushing the pilates takes the muscle strain right away. If I finish up the dishes and take in the laundry from the line I could spend the rest of the night in the bath tub like one of those old school calgon commercials. Even working with my client went well. We had a particularly good time in Cadillac Mountain Sports where she bought some sporty capris and requested a size fourteen. She is both itty and bitty and the clerk thought she was insane. The largest size they had was a ten and I demonstrated how she could get two of her in the one leg. I tried to explain how sizing has changed over the years and eventually talked her into an eight, which will be very roomy but she has a collection of belts. She said she was amazed to fit into an eight and it reminded me how very much we all judge ourselves by those arbitrary numbers and letters. I recently bought a skirt online and went right for the XL instantly worrying it would be too small when in fact the large I eventually bought is a bit too big. My client is 84 years old and will always see herself as a 14, I can only hope I don't see myself as an XL for the rest of my years.

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pinky pinkerson said...

my grandmother, who died in her eighties, complained and bitched about her size (maybe a 12, max) right up until the end. I either want to be thin and happy or fat and happy by the time I'm that age!