10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Customers! Please bring your money back"

So I realized earlier this week that I haven't cooked myself a dinner in a really long time. I cook dinner every night for Matt but I usually just eat his side dishes. This week I'm making a special effort to cook for myself. I made a few really great salads and a couscous bean dish last night and this morning I'm cooking a spaghetti sauce that technically is for both of us. I also made sugar cookies and blueberry muffins but they aren't strictly for me. I bought wild blueberries for my family only I forgot to bring them with me so I threw together some muffins. They'll last a while in the freezer and Matt will eat up the cookies so it's all good.

I spent a small fortune at the grocery store, 50% more than I was "supposed" to. I hate that but I just felt like something had to give. I bought a ton of fresh fruit and really there's no better time to do that being that everything is in season. I'm trying to push the fruits and veggies like I did once upon a time and I have to admit that the salads I've made have been unbelievably good.

There's something so silly about being lazy with things that benefit you, actually annoying. I'm really annoyed with myself. I don't even have kids so what am I putting myself in the back seat for? Matt, the dog? it's just stupid. The phrase "renewed commitment" just popped into my head and I almost burst out laughing, maybe slap in the face would be more appropriate.


Rebecca said...

dude...I was so thinking how do mommies do it?!

you know, work, keep the house clean, cook, workout, lose weight!?

its just nate and i and im already a lump on the log by the time i get home!

Amy said...

I need someone to prod me along on a schedule, it's so sad.