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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Trouble with Tribbles

I don't know why, I just can't get that out of my head so I made it a title. Seek no reason here and you won't be totally disappointed. Woof and I went to the island today and actually saw some sunshine. The weather was starting to get us down and we aren't the only ones because they've been playing that 10,000 maniacs song almost as much as thriller this week. I'm glad we took a chance and drove down there because we had a very nice walk, jumped on some missionaries and made one asian family grab their children and run by us like I had an alligator on the leash instead of a puppy. But whatever...

Here are some pictures of the walk. We went from otter point to thunder hole but I'm not quite sure where those rocks are. Pink granite sort of appears everywhere, it's hard to get an exact local. The picture with the rock climbers is otter cliffs. They must have been feeling lucky because in that fog a boat could never get to them if they fell, they'd be screwed...not that you wouldn't be screwed anyway falling off a cliff. I digress. It was a really beautiful day, fog suits the occasion but it did clear when we got closer to sand beach.

I added a few more miles of new trail to my map and if the weather finally breaks we'll get back to the carriage roads. Witch hole pond is next, it's supposed to be really lovely and it's short enough for us to easily do in a day. I heart being a hiker, I really do.

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