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Friday, July 03, 2009

"This could be mathier"

I had such a good day at work yesterday I could practically sing. It was totally awesome. And I've decided to stop being afraid of driving the new car today. I'm going to take it out to the mall to return the hello kitty car seats, yes the ones Pinky linked to that were totally on clearance at Target but do not fit. Unless someone else wants them in which case leave a comment super fast. I opened the door yesterday to get my sunglasses out and was almost killed by the stewing new car smell so I thought I'd better take the chance to air that sucker out before it turns out like my dad's pickup which I have to drive wearing a gas mask. Hard to have a road trip in a gas mask.

The chickens are getting huge. I keep forgetting how things with short life spans grow so damn fast. There's one that's particularly girthy and I'm hoping it's just a brick house of a hen because I don't need a rooster. I'm willing henness upon that chick with my whole psyche. Not that it's the worst thing in the whole world if we have a rooster it's just that they're sort of useless to our purposes. We require eggs, not more chicks but roosters do have redeeming qualities like torturing the neighbors and adding a layer of protection to his harem. My dad was telling me a story about his childhood where the kids all got pastel colored chicks for easter. They raised them in a box by the furnace and built them a coop. They had 5 roosters and 1 hen, until the day my uncle hung his bow and arrow target on the side of the coop and took out the only laying hen with his first shot. My grandma butchered the roosters in retaliation but no one would eat them. That same uncle also used a slingshot to rescue grandma's parakeet from a tree in the yard...funny how he only ever hit something he intended to miss.

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