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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Let joy be unconfined. But I am NOT playing scrabble."

So I made it pretty obvious that the trip to blogher stressed me out, packing and reserving and flying are none of my favorite things. Everything actually went very well and I didn't need to exude enough anxious energy to power a small town. I should sat everything went very well until I arrived at hotel reception. Turns out there were two people with my exact name. He was really confused and I think he thought I was fucking with him until I brought out my id. It was super stressful sorting out the room and roommates business but the weirdest part was when Rebecca and I ended up at her breakfast table. Unfortunately I lost her business card, I lost all of my business cards except for the ones I got at the very end so essentially I met myself and then lost my own business card. Shame. I do however have her picture so if another mix up happens with my name I can hire a detective. Amies can be shifty.

I guess it's been awhile since I've been gone that long, the house seems so different. The chickens grew like weeds and are kind of freaking me out, their feet are HUGE and they have TALONS now. Talons. What is with that? Why does a domestic bird need talons anyway? And there are tons of vegetables in the fridge which means that Matt ate nothing but baked potatoes and grilled meat while I was gone. Le sigh. I've been cooking double vegetables in a desperate bid to use them before they go bad and to keep Matt from getting the scurvy...unless of course he has a hidden desire to be a pirate.

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Heather said...

THAT Amy can be found at thoughtsofthatmom.com.

It was nice meeting you at the breakfast!