10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"I've been stabbed by plenty of girls."

A long weekend in NH with a visit to the car store and a case of maalox. Turns out I didn't need any help to get the car and I'm not sure if that makes me feel better or worse. On the upside I have no desire to eat anything ever again or until the car is paid off (and seriously I haven't even signed anything yet...). But probably everyone is tired of hearing about my money spending induced nausea, dementia and general insanity. I'm tired of it too, I really want my brain back.

It would be a good time to take a mind clearing walk...but it's rrrrraining. Apparently it's been raining non-stop since I left and it's supposed to rain all week. There are plenty of things I can do today but I was looking forward to getting some miles in. I've come to the place in hiking where my muscles miss it when I don't go. It's a good place to be, makes me feel like a real hiker. I had been thinking a real hiker might brave the rain but it's certain the trails are sloppy and unsafe, the roads slippery. It's probably smarter to just do my chores and hope for dryer days between work and chickens, picking up the car and signing my life away.

The most exciting thing is the arrival of the chicks. We've been waiting for them for so long, the anticipation is huge. One of my jobs today is to have their first house all ready, I even have chick toys. I'm so excited about my babies! I'm hoping they do well because we might have to leave them for a while when the car comes. We'd hoped Matt's dad would babysit but he can't...and anyway he said he didn't know how. All he has to do is make sure there is food and water but I hope something else comes up that we need a babysitter for because I really want to trick him into clucking over the box for hours on end...hehehe.

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