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Friday, June 12, 2009

"I don't even know how much an ostrich costs"

I'm not hiking today. It's raining cats and poodles and there have been accidents all over the place. I spent all night asking matt if I should just plan to go home and visit my family instead and he refused to help me decide. I just could not make my brain choose, so I'm in my house and not hiking and I'm trying to get organized. I arranged my flours and baking chocolate, two things that get totally out of control for no apparent reason, and now I'm working on my desk. I always feel better when my kitchen is in order, it's cathartic.

I'm every so slightly putting off making an appointment for a physical. I really need to have my thyroid checked again. I wasn't really happy with the diagnosis last time but I felt all right so I didn't worry about it...now I feel like crap and I'm pretty sure that's why. My sister has the same condition, both sisters actually, and she always says she can tell when her thyroid medication isn't right because she feels like crap. I've felt like crap for a while and it really is time to get ye olde blood checked. Having trouble losing weight is of course one of the symptoms of dysfunctional thyroid, which sucks, but being cold apparently is too and that one freaks me out. It was in the 70's last week and I had sweatshirts on and the windows closed. I felt colder than I did all winter when it was below zero. Part of me thinks that could actually be sort of helpful for keeping cool this summer but thyroid problems can make you really sick so probably I shouldn't dilly dally. I did just buy a bunch of warm walking clothes and it's going to piss me off if I'm hot as hell this summer and I spent all that money at northface. Shopping is a total burden.

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