10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, April 20, 2009

"you shouldn't rob a bank without a plan, you shouldn't use your tongue to stop a fan"

I went in to victoria's secret looking for a sports bra and came out with half a paycheck worth of underthings. I found one I like, I just tested it out on the trail and no bouncing, but I also found a few every day bras that kick the ass out of the every day bras I had before. Now I just have to toss out all the old ones. EVERY LAST ONE before it becomes a historic collection of bras that suck. Thanks to everyone for the advice on sports bras. I've been trying different bras almost since last summer and it was getting a little desperate.

It was a good weekend over all, we took a lot of walks with the woof but we also ate everything in the state of New Hampshire. My dad stocks a lot of food that I never buy and I always find it hard not to graze. There's a reason I don't buy snacks, I don't even want them when I'm home. I think it's a dad thing to have a house full of food and to give the children a full menu review every ten minutes or so. "There's cookies here and ice cream in the fridge", it wasn't even yummy food it was just there. So many things to work on...always.

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pinky pinkerson said...

I went to visit my parents for a week and gained three pounds. They have a really good source for challah, it tastes just like cake.

(and when you make a sandwich with it, it is like a CAKE SANDWICH)