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Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Mostly you're kindof impossible."

Ugh, I have nothing of interest to say lately, we've been really busy up in the garden. I'm friggin' beat from all the manual labor and I haven't had an ounce of energy for exercise. Matt and I have been killing ourselves to get the holes dug for the fruit trees coming tomorrow. I moved two stacks of wood this morning and I'm beat and it's only 8:30. My work days have been filled with walking and hiking lately and my legs are killing me. In a good way but OW! I know it's good for me I just wish I could see a difference. Patience is a virtue, right?

It's probably good that I haven't had the energy or determination to push myself to exercise because I've had more injuries the last weeks than, uhm, ever. I twisted my ankle pretty well last week, not enough to stop walking because I had to but I felt it. Today I slipped coming back down the hill and sat on my own wrist. I don't really know how I managed that, it was pretty uncomfortable. It seems fine now but it's true that tired ouchy people have more accidents. You know what, I'm a moron. I was just going to type that I didn't start falling until we started working long hours but that's not true. I'm always tripping over myself, sliding in the snow and mud going up to the garden area. I guess it just hurts more when I hurt already. I think my brain is injured too.

As an unrelated note of interest I'm watching the last season of the Dead Zone and they're at a very fancy bus station in Bangor and they just mentioned service to Bar Harbor. Firstly, there ain't no busses that go to Bar Harbor and secondly, I've been to the bus station in Bangor and it's smaller than my bedroom and drowning in orange plastic. I appreciate their efforts though, totally worth complaining about.


Rebecca said...

gosh.... your almost like the pioneer woman!!

whose excited for blogher!?

Amy said...

I'm totally pioneer woman, except whinier.

I'm so excited for blogher, I'm like practically packed already.