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Monday, April 06, 2009

"I didn't order any vampires."

I can't believe I am awake at 4:30 on a monday morning answering ebay buyer questions about a purse that has so far raised the princely sum of 1.29. I would have thought perhaps a bid could reach even two whole dollars before I have to measure every single seam but I would have been wrong. Very wrong. And also, there are only eleven hours left. Folks had 7 whole days to ask me to list the various parts of this purse that are leather. Leather trim means leather trim, the trim parts are leather...it might even be fake leather...evil!...for 1.29 I just don't care what the zipper pulls are made of. I'm sure I'd have been happier to answer these questions last week, god I hate auctions.

I totally feel better now. And I'm totally feeling the tracy anderson burn. I routinely cook with cast iron and yesterday I couldn't lift the pan. I've only done the video three times and I can't quite do it all at once yet. I have to take a rest break between legs, arms, arms, and crunches or I simply can't muster the will to live. I do find her attitude helpful. Before the arm section(s), which is/are the absolute worst she says "you might think you can't do this but you can and you must" and it's not that I think she is the be all, end all of trainers but she doesn't have a wishy washy attitude about it. You have to work to get results and you can do everything she does it just hurts. It's about will power and determination and pain and I think that's a pretty fair view of weight loss. If it were easy we wouldn't be here whining about our bodies. It's work and if you're willing to do it all you get results, I think that's a very healthy way to look at things. I have clearly been unwilling to work very hard, uhm, this last year and there's no room for that...not if I ever want to stop being a whiner. I'm definitely going to keep up with this dvd because I've never felt my arms this sore, sore in places I didn't know I had. I can already feel a difference in the muscles under my arms and it's only been three times. Just think if I didn't have to sit and cry between sets!!!

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