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Monday, March 23, 2009

"I said no camels"

Can we talk about the cold? It's supposed to be spring, it is officially spring and yet, in spite of the springiness of now it was 25 degrees today. Last week I was thinking about spring in NH as a kid. It would be freezing in the morning so your mom would dress you in fifty layers and then by lunch it would be 60 degrees and everyone would have heatstroke...the next day you wear light clothes and die of hypothermia. It's been a hypothermia kind of day. I put away my long underwear a few weeks ago when the temperatures were toastily above freezing and that was a big mistake. I feel like I handled the cold very well when it was january and now it really pisses me off. It's not even good for the maple syruping when it's so cold all day.

Now that I've got that out of my system, Hi! I made some unexpectedly good soup today. I usually use kidney beans...for no real reason, it's just what I've been using, and I ran out of them today so I substituted black beans and it came out really great. Sort of a very vegetabley black bean, not as thick as the usual but with more heft than a broth. I packaged it all up in half cup tupperware and I'm ready to roll for another week. You have to have soup when the daily high is only 25 degrees in friggin' march. Soup and hot chocolate. I picked up the hot chocolate for matt, since he's not a tea drinker and warm drinks are a necessity of winter. Anyway, the cocoa I got is Swiss Miss Great Start and it's pretty great. It's not low calorie but it's full of extra vitamins and calcium so it's good for both of us. Which is what I tell myself when I make a cup every morning. At least it has more vitamins than tea even if it does have more calories.

I've been reading about the Tracy Anderson 'method' lately, anyone know what I'm talking about? Apparently she was Gwenyth Paltrow's trainer, and Madonna I think. I've read that it was ridiculously hard but gave results almost immediately which I think would be great for motivation. It's easy to work hard when you see results. Not to say I'm not feeling results of the pilates because I am, I feel really great but I'm no where near the "new" body stage. Sometimes feeling great is enough and sometimes it's not and I've got to say I'm tempted by the Tracy Anderson thing. If anyone has the goods on that 'method' let me know, I'd love to hear about it.


Rebecca said...

dude..yes...if you go to oprahs site, somehwere under a Fitness Tab, she has a video.

howd you hear about her?

she says the heaviest weights you are ever supposed to use is 3lbs. i find that a tad odd but then again i think shes a midget...

Amy said...

I think it's something about not building bulk. It looks like the weights are meant to compliment the other exercises. I read about her dvd's on mighty girl, maggie was going to do it five days in a row but died after two, but she and her husband saw differences in only 2 days.

Rebecca said...

shut up!?

she has dvds!?

interesting... lemme know if you decide to try them.. i'm always up for something new. altho ive come to the conclusion i dont do well with exercises at home.

Amy said...

I almost ordered it the other day and then I lost the site. I have to find it again but it's 30 dollars so I'm not rushing. But then if it's awesome it's awesome and totally worth the money. If or when I hit buy I will send you a complete report.

MayQueen said...

I got some drinking chocolate from Trader Joe's a while ago and not only was I surprised to see that it's not all that bad for in the fat and sugar department, but you also get 25% of your daily fiber in a serving. It's really rich, though, so it's not an every day kind of thing.