10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, February 02, 2009

"I never liked drinking milk, I hate cows."

Things are crazy and I've got nothing to say about it, or so it seems from the lack of blogging. There really isn't that much going on when I think about it rationally but I seem completely unable to process and deal so it feels extra crazy. I didn't get the job with the nun, the water froze again and the puppy is teething. I have a lot of things that I want to be working on that aren't getting done and I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm supposed to do my taxes today, it's on my list. And send out some resumes. And bake something with bananas. The ands could go on and on if I let them but I think I'll stop here before I work myself into a medication required frenzy.

I'm trying to focus on positive things today so...I am feeling positive about redecorating my house. Mostly I'm just boxing up and storing a bunch of things I'm tired of, wall art and books that don't need to be at hand and lots of other things that just exist in my house without real need. I never thought I'd have enough stuff for a yard sale but I think I'm close and there's a great appeal in emptying out and starting over. I'm rearranging all the pictures and putting up a lot of new ones we've taken over the summer. I bought a new printer a few weeks ago to print resumes and make copies as needed for jobs and it prints beautiful photos too so I'm putting them up in the house. It's good for the morale to have a new clean looking space, it's helping me clear my brain.

I'm also feeling positive about our new debt free status. Matt's parents made him a very generous present and we're officially in the financial clear. It makes our budget living much more doable, perhaps there isn't a light at the end of the tunnel but it's not particularly dark either. I feel safer knowing the status quo, particularly as we're raising our pet spending. I made the mistake of googling the contents of our puppy food and now he's starting a fancy expensive natural food. Supposedly the critters eat less of the good food than they did of the less good food to get the same nutrients so it should even out. The cat will be switching too, once she's done her ginormous bucket of crunchies. I never realized how little she eats until we got the puppy. She is also much shorter than I ever realized, and lighter...I never thought I'd think of her as tiny.

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