10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, February 06, 2009

"bred for looks"

There is an evil woman in ellsworth, a woman who suggested my dog was bred to be stupid and is also "delicate". I think she's the one who was bred to be stupid, not that I'm defensive about my puppy or anything. I called Matt right away to complain to him and he was mad too, so the outrage is helping us bond. He was house broken at 8 weeks, he sits, lays, stays and comes when called EVERY SINGLE TIME, you and your over bred labrador can bite me. His only problem in the whole world is barking at the cat and sometimes she deserves it so that one is a tricky call. Long story short I'm sensitive about my dog and that woman was a ho.

In other news, since I had to give up running for the winter I've been kicking some snow shoeing ass. We have more than three feet of snow, daunting for both me and puppy to hike in so we've taken up snow shoeing. We have a pretty nicely packed trail now, he is able to bound back and forth along the trail and thanks to some rain a few storms back he can walk on most of the snow without snow shoes of his own. Making the trail is kicking my ass, we're both beat by the time we get home. We push forward a little more every day and now we have about 2 miles of snow track.

I am grateful to my unemployment for the time to take up snowshoeing and the puppy to accompany me. This time has been really awesome in a lot of ways. I'm learning a lot about myself and what I really need to be happy. I'm spending time on my resumes and some of them will be worthwhile jobs if I were to get them but being home is good for me too. There are so many things I've always wanted to do and never made the time and now I'm making the time for the things I am able to do and it's really good for me.

I've been watching the last project runway, what 2 years after it aired?...and I'm thinking about taking my sewing into clothing. I made a few pieces in high school, looking back I chose ridiculously hard things that didn't inspire me to keep going. The nightgowns I made for the kids were very easy and quick and there's no reason I can't try to make more of my own clothes. There are times when I see a perfect skirt or dress and think "if it was only like this..." I have nothing to lose by trying so that's my next goal. I've made a few more quilts and my seams keep getting better. I'm working on a new large quilt for our room and then I'm on to clothes...unless I get a job in the meantime.


kilax said...

I bet snowshoeing is a great workout. I've been wanting to try it! I hope I can when I am in Devner next week.

Time alone is great time to find out who you are and what makes you happy. Good for you!

Merry said...

What a moron!

Me, I get peeved at idiots who can't tell the difference between a vicious, slavering wolf and a beautiful, intelligent, and good-natured German Shepherd. Hmph.

Amy said...

Snowshoeing is ridiculously hard, have fun with it!

Poor german shepherds, they get such a bad wrap and it's the morons who raise them that are to blame. People aren't responsible for anything anymore, we're all victims.

Sugarcrook said...

I'm not sure you have much high ground to rant from. I read your post, then scroll down and see what could be the goofiest picture of dog ever.

Amy said...

yes, well, he's working up his case against the papparazzi.

Nichole said...

I just found your blog. It made me LOL several times, so I added you to the blogs I'm following. I am a fellow seeker of a smaller ass! Good luck to you. Agreed, the dog critic is a ho. :)