10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Oh my god, we've been robbed!"

We really must sort this out before puppy is big enough to a. rest his head on the table or b. eat her in one bite. The meow has hardly set paw on the floor this week. She spends all of her time on the table, or the breakfast bar watching the puppy bark at her. The vet wasn't responsive to my suggestion of pet prozac, maybe you have to work on being friends for more than one week before you get narcotics. Shame.

As per being robbed, everything we own is in the garage. Well, most everything. We have moved all the things we care about that puppies can destroy to safer location. Books, dvd's, some furniture...there isn't much we care about but it is easier to move them than to be upset about their destruction, plus the space! Our living room has been getting smaller and smaller since we moved in and it's nice to put some things away. I don't need every book I had in college at my fingertips and Matt doesn't need his smelly, dusty 1954 encyclopedias next to the couch...not that I hate them with all my being or anything. I would love a clean empty house if I didn't also love things so much. Life is so hard.

Speaking of things that are hard, I did my fancy job test thing today. It was painful. Not the test, the process. An hour we sat there doing nothing while mr. how did I get this job tried to find papers and maps and pencils. We sat for another half hour and then the test was half an hour. Half an hour for 28 questions. I sat for 15 minutes waiting for the time to run out and the people on both sides of me didn't finish. But it doesn't matter because you ONLY HAVE TO GET 10 RIGHT! That's a 32 percent average. I know for a fact that I got every single question right, so I better get a frickin' offer.

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Mal said...

that's awesome. based on your description, i'm 100% sure that my ex auditioned for the same job.