10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"ten wanks beyond fussy!"

Pajamas a la me. We finally got one of the machines working (oil, who knew) and I got the first nightgown done. It looks really great from a far. It's sort of worse when you can see the seems but that's the great thing about children's clothes because children grow so fast they might just outgrow the nightgown before the whole thing unravels...always thinking!

I have to make three more and then my christmas sewing is done. Fortunately the children are progressively smaller and I'm getting faster with each seem so by these calculations I should be done before I start the third pair, it's like flying west. Can you call it a pair when it's only one? Pajamas are confusing.


Anonymous said...

That is so adorable! Do you make plus sized jammies? Hahaha!

Amy said...

well, that pattern is for a five year old...I could totally make it bigger with a photocopier!!!