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Monday, November 03, 2008

"condolences on your sudden promotion"

I've been grinding my brains over my internet connection for two days because the cord wasn't pushed far enough into the jack. I would be suicidal if I wasn't so grateful that it's working again. Almost ruined Nablopomo on the third day. That would have been SAD. I unplugged it so I could completely rearrange my house. The bedroom did a 360 except it wasn't a 360...Matt thinks more like 270. Anyway, it's much better this way but probably not worth almost two days internet-less. And Seth from the phone company was very nice and very not sarcastic when the brevity of the problem was revealed. Bless him.

Meanwhile, my mess is a house. It's awful all the stuff I found that I have no idea what to do with. Is there any reason Matt needs every pay stub he's ever received since 1992? Seriously, no. The minute I accidentally burn them you know he'll be all mad about it, sheesh. I've found keys to cars I no longer own, more pens than any person could ever need in a lifetime, and why so many paper clips...WHY? Office supplies come here to die, that's what I've learned.

So this is my new office/bedroom. Since you never saw the old one maybe you're not that impressed. Just think piles upon toppling piles of pay stubs instead of desk-rific orderliness.

I'm starting on the livingroom/kitchen next. Right now that's where all the piles are living. I could take pictures but children might weep. On the upside the cleaning has provided excellent exercise. I think I pledged and wiped about 6 cats worth of fur. Pledge, wipe, walk to the trash...rinse lather and repeat. My next cat is totally going to be furless, or a poodle. However, pledging the floor has rewards when it comes to furries...absolutely no traction with those tufted paws. You just put a catnip toy at the epicenter of slideyness and it's hours of fun. Provided you walk around in socks and end up in traction yourself.


Sugarcrook said...

McKinney for President!

No, not really. That chick is nuts.

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