10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Darn your sinister attraction."

Whenever I start to lose weight again I fall in love with clothes. This is problematic what with the brokeness but I still have a closet of things I haven't yet worn in every possible combination...ooooh. This whole summer I wore jeans, jeans with holes actually, and t-shirts. I was a fashion disaster. Which was appropriate since everything else was a disaster too. Well, I'm over the whole can't care anymore thing and I'm back into getting dressed. Maybe it was the wedding. I packed something for every possible combination of weather, mood and social activities, I was a dress nazi. Fortunate for the bride who has me to thank for having flip flops that matched her after party dress. How was I the only one who realized there was no way she was going to wear heels for 24 hours straight...seriously. I have a few things that I have fallen in love with that are completely irrelevant to my every day life...pashminas, heels, bags...all in black and completely unnecessary for the life of a rural landscaping manager...but it was a blast to wear them in Philly. There are some heels that are just meant to be seen stepping in to cabs. I wish I'd taken a picture.

I was really excited about dressing down for this job and now I have cravings to dress it up. I wonder if that need has some correlation to my renewed vigor in health and fitness matters. There's certainly no point to earning yourself a new body and wearing ripped jeans and stained t's all the time. Not if you're vain like me anyway. So, clothes. Apparently I bought a few nice things while I wasn't broke and now I'm actually wearing them. Colors even. Amazing. I had been laying off the form fitting shirts since fatness set in but I realize now that was the worst thing to do. Why do we always turn to bulk and layers when that's the worst thing for looking your best? It must be hard coded in the dna, like bears hibernating. So I'm wearing my lacy tank tops and sweater sets and rocking the fit before it gets too cold. I might even wear a skirt this week. Maybe I'll get a marriage proposal out of it.

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