10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"the regime from which the radicals want to break free"

Last night I got a facial and it was very nice. Calming and relaxing and now I'm all glowy. And unfortunately I'm pissed at myself because they did not do extractions and I did not ask for them. I really wanted her to take my old skin off and sew on some new skin. I wanted her to extract the HELL out of my pores man, a serious amount of extraction, I wanted to see a pound of pore dirt...possibly an avalanche. I am a bad advocate for myself and that's the truth. I'll have to ask for new skin next time. I'm trying to not be too annoyed because I enjoyed the massage and the hot towels and the resting with no phones ringing or food to cook or dishes to wash.

And then I got home to microwave myself a quick dinner and whoops! the microwave is broken. The start button will not be pushed. You can push every other button but to no avail. There is no hot and steamy microwave action. Course I've had the thing since college and with all those moves it's amazing it's lasted this long. I poked around walmart but I am loathe to buy a new one...you get to know a microwave, you build a relationship. I know how long it takes to pop corn in a brown bag without burning it in the current not so much working microwave...it never lets me down, it's about trust people. My sister's microwave boils water in 3 seconds, the one at work couldn't boil water if you put the whole thing on the stove, it's a tricky business. But I have to make a decision soon because apparently I use the microwave all the time. If you'd asked me last week I'd have said I hardly use it and I'd have been lying because it's like having my arm cut off to cook without it.

In, like, relevant news I've taken up pilates again. OUCH and DUDE. Wow, on the one hand I can still do the teaser, which took me forever in the beginning, but it's VERY UNPLEASANT. I don't remember pain, I remember work and sweat and possibly a subtle burn but out right pain is new. I'll get over it. I should consider myself lucky that I was able to get through it after such a long absence. I have definitely been lucky to not have gained a hundred pounds when I stopped, I'm still in the same sizes...maybe just a little squashier. I hate myself every time I stop my pilates routine and have to start again but somehow it doesn't keep me on the thin and narrow. It's no different this time. I'll have myself for another few weeks and then I'll be so high off endorphins I'll tell you all to go out and marry Ana Caban. I'm sure of it.


Anonymous said...

Microwaves are very personal things...I am sorry for your loss.

Way to go with the pilates!

Shana said...

I have two good friends who do not have microwaves in their homes. They are barbaric but I like them anyway. I do not know how they survive. I wish you luck on your quest for a suitable replacement.

Amy said...

It's really very difficult, I mean I have to plan ahead...and defrost in the fridge. It's un-american.