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Friday, June 13, 2008

welcome to sarcasmville, population: you

Today was craptastic for no particular reason. It was one of those bermuda triangle sort of days where situations and conversations wander too close to the epicenter of evil and go all to hell. People were saying and doing things that were completely insane and out of character and seriously friday the 13th is over. Furthermore, I hereby swear that if one more person says to me "it's not my problem" I will kill them and it will be just. My anger had nothing to do with my boss, who was home sick and sounded genuinely to be dying, every one else was just being a wanker...technical term. Maybe I'm expecting too much of 42 year old men who mow lawns for a living, maybe the problem is me and I need to accept that the white male empowerment of lawn maintenance providers is righteous and omniscient.

Ooh, grumpy! I'm feeling better actually. Matt had a poo of a day too so we grrr'd at each other over dinner and I think we both feel better. If it wasn't raining I'd be jogging...which I'm totally in love with. Not only am I enjoying my new shoes but I've spent a small fortune at iTunes and my mornings rock now. Pun totally intended. The one hitch is that my new running shoes are covered in blood...which is more "disgusting" than "hitch" actually. The heel support is just a little higher than my old shoes and it's rubbing me the wrong way. Again, pun totally intended. You know you've reached runner status when you draw blood and are in pain and keep running anyway. Matt is very proud. I'm proud too. There's a very special something about going from professional ass sitter to one who enjoys running, on purpose. I love calling myself a runner, I should totally make a t-shirt...dude.

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Lauren said...

for the love of pete, please use a bandaid. No, but the jogging is cool