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Monday, June 02, 2008

third nipple

You know your bug bites are disgusting beyond the call of duty when your dearest friend at work says "that one looks like a third nipple". It was a very gross day. My favorite part was when one of our biggest strongest men came in to show my work bff his bug bites and she said "you think that's bad...check out amy" and then he did and he smiled for the first time all day. He was really happy about my pain and burning and I was happy to bring him some joy. And he didn't even see it at it's worst because the calamine really dulled the redness and the pulsating. It still looks like a communicable disease. Matt very gingerly applied caladryl for me and he said "oh good, it's oozing" so YAY for that.

And you know, mine wasn't the worst day because one of my guatemalans had to explain to the one english speaker how he needed a shot in the ass. And then they had to explain it to all the white women at work starting with the lead designer. I can't imagine having to tell all those people you need a shot in the ass and could they maybe help you out with that. We actually figured something out and went to walmart and got some vitamins and hopefully that works because I really don't want him to be sick. I really don't. I want everyone to be well and happy and YAY and if the guys at work who work in the bugs all day want to revel in my pus, well then so be it. I can roll with that.


Shana said...

OK, when oozing is a good thing, you are screwed. Sorry. Glad it's getting better : )

pinky pinkerson said...

bug bites, calamine, ass shots, and pus? I thought you worked in an office!

(I can't come close, but I am getting my yearly itchy spots in the arm-crook, and it is very hard not to scratch them. they are unattractive, as well)

Amy said...

This was extracurricular chipping. The ass shot was totally a part of my job though, kind of.