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Monday, June 09, 2008

No puedo comerlo

This weekend I spent a lot of time with my south of the border buddies. Did you know that you can put half a pound of sugar in a gatorade and not end up in a coma...I had no idea. I would have thought coma was the best possible conclusion to drinking that much sugar but apparently he lived to work another day. They buy and eat a hell of a lot of simple carbs, I really do worry. It makes me feel like a health nut american to question their purchases.

Our big trip to walmart was hilarious. We drove by a "mexican restaurant" which the kids from guatemala thought was really funny and probably with good reason considering mostly it's a quick-e-mart. I keep hearing them say, in english, "mexican restaurant" and giggling. You know they were doing the guatemalan equivalent to air quotes. I told my boyfriend about it later and he was like "but it's good, if you want a burrito or something" which is a violent defense for someone who has never eaten a burrito in his life. I guess he's a little sensitive about his hometown, que pobrecita!

One of the boys wanted to learn how to bake a cake, so we did and it was adorable. The other boys gave him a hard time but I told him every girl wants a man that can cook and then we had rapt attention. He was in charge of the mixer which I think he really liked. Remijio is officially my new favorite, we're making cookies next week.

Is it obvious that I have totally stopped blogging about anything fat related? Oh, it is? Ok, good. I'm still running every morning (and hey, yay for new shoes!) and telling myself I need to do Pilates without actually doing it and eating salads and blah blah but really not much has changed. I'm still a twelve and most of the time I think I look just fine. I have to remind myself of my best friend's wedding and how I really don't want to be chub-a-lub in those pictures but really that doesn't help me much. I have to find enough will to try harder without putting myself under the kind of pressure that makes you put half a pound of sugar into your gatorade. I don't think I'll ever get over that.

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