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Sunday, March 30, 2008

same as it ever was

You know how they put the candy at the checkout so that when you see it your shopping defenses are pathetic and weak and you're forced to buy it. I bought some candy yesterday at target out of pure weakness. I bought a Ritter sport just to see what it was like. Like, testing an orgasm to see if it's any good. Short story shorter, it was a yummy purchase. The chocolate with the cookie inside, sort of like those little school boy cookies but on steroids. It's totally target's fault. If they'd just keep the chocolate in the men's underwear section or somewhere the world would be a thinner place.

But anyway, I've been feeling like crap lately so it's time to get my routine back together. It's been a month and I need to get over myself and do some friggin' pilates. Guaranteed I'll be writing next week about how wonderful it is to do pilates again and why did I ever stop and blah blah. I genuinely hate myself when I stop exercising because I know how hard it is to start again. I cannot be trusted to take a break and get back on the wagon. Stupid wagon. Stupid analogy. "Get my shit together" is so much more elegant.

I have a shit getting plan for my day. Put yesterday's groceries away, wash a sink full of dishes, go back to basics and do my beginning pilates dvd. Starting over sucks and it sucks that it's necessary and it sucks that I keep having to start over again and again when I should be rolling merrily along. Aargh!

Things are even aarghier than I thought. One of the many, many things I bought yesterday was a very cheap pair of very nice shoes. It's so rare that awesome sale shoes are in my size I just couldn't resist. The 8.5 was the sample shoe, so I tried it on and it was awesome and I went in search of the match and the box. Lo, right in front of me was a box with untouched shoes with 8.5 written on it. YAY. So I grabbed them and then we went to dinner and lalala and then today I opened them up and Whoops, they're huge. It would seem that 8.5 in the UK is, uhm, 11 in the US. The chirpy sales assistants are holding the 8's for me...I'll have to sneak out at lunch tomorrow and fetch them. My shopping skills were very poor yesterday, disappointing.

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Lauren said...

I am in the same getting my shit together situation. It just all seems very...overwhelming and it's far easier to just hide my fat head in the sand. Congrats on going to check out the gym though