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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nary a bunny ate in 2008

I'm still easter bunny free and going strong, easter is in one week and then all the candy will be on clearance and that will be difficult. A test of my endurance. One of my huge problems at ye olde job was that the only thing there was to do was to go to Rite Aid and check out their bargains. No more, there's nothing truly close to the new job and certainly not within walking distance. It's much more difficult for me to make a chocolate run when I have to get in the car and drive there. I suppose that's an added benefit right there.

Yesterday I locked my boyfriend out of the house. It was an honest mistake based on his lack of cellphone and keys and also not being in range of my hollering. So I'm taking him out to lunch. He asked me the other night if we might make it to the Irish pub for corned beef sometime soonly and so it's an appropriate peace making gesture. And I can get a salad and a big dessert to make up for my total lack of rodent shaped chocolate this season. See how reasonable and responsible I can be...

Today I'm writing a resume for a job very much like the one I have. It was a good week and I'm feeling hopeful but I think it would be wrong to avoid this possibility, to not pursue it. So, I'm pursuing it at the cost of two sheets of paper and a stamp. partially because on friday one of the last things I did was assure my counterpart that I won't advertise for her job without telling her. We get a lot of resumes applying for both of our jobs and so she checked the source. Sure enough the listings had been re-listed a few days previous. Knowing what we know about our boss, there is no way he did that himself. She showed it to me and asked me anyway, as it would be my job to hunt for her replacement. It was a fair question given our circumstances and so we made a pact that if we're asked to write a job ad for each other we'll share the news. Mine is an interesting occupation.


belly said...

kudos to you, my friend, for not succumbing to the delictible chocolatey long ears of easter rabbits. i, too, am proud of the fact that i've been able to turn my other cheek at another of those hideously delightful easter treats, the cadbury egg. actually, it wasn't until two days ago that i became acutely aware of the prominent easter fare at my local grocery... god help me stay outta there (and rite aid) shortly after the holiday - bargain chocolate is always my downfall!

athena said...

What is it with Rite Aid, they have an unbalanced system for calculating the amount of chocolate a holiday requires.

HappyBlogChick said...

I had no desire for easter candy until I read so many weight loss blogs talking about everyone's self control re: easter candy. Now I'm fiending. Dammit. I'm fairly sure that's not what I want to get out of my weight loss/fitness blogging experience.

How ODD about seeing the re-post of the jobs. Or, it seems odd to me.

I'm glad your week was better, though.