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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A morality tale

All my stressing has left me with a very weird sore throat and a gross nose and pretty much sick, which stinks because my projects for today and tomorrow are really fun. I'm looking forward to it even. Except for the hacking. It seems I have now hit every single physical incarnation of stress the human body can produce. Ten points for me! Last week I wasn't hungry at all, which made things worse with my blood sugar getting low and me getting crazy so this week I've planned eating more carefully so as not to be insane. I've been sleeping horribly, which makes everything worse too, so I'm taking extra time at night to chill out before bed to avoid insomnia. I'm waiting patiently for my cycle to realign although I really want to freak out about that too. My weight has been all over. I'm eating less but differently and drinking too much soda because my throat hurts. I'm up to 176 after breakfast and tea and water so I don't know what exactly that means.

Stress is the devil and I really wish I'd taken better care of myself last week. That's the moral right there, freaking out makes you ill, and tired, and fat and a little bit insane. This has been a better week but my body is still suffering from last weeks' ordeal and that was silly. I don't know how I could have avoided it knowing what I knew then but I'm working on strategies to deal with the stress. That makes me feel so much like my mother, she would so say "strategies" in a sentence and then she would nod and pull out a book. My sister suggested I get "7 habits of highly successful people" so I've ordered it. I also ordered "5 habits of successful slackers, because 7 is too many". I'll let you know how that goes.

One of the super bureaucratic business largess things at the bank, or the second bank...the one that "bought" the original bank, was their use of books like that. There was the one about the bus and the one about free prizes and what else, there's a whole library for the "stakeholders". One of my old bosses gave me "who moved my cheese" which is an interesting read, he also gave me a ton of Ayn Rand so take that mix as you will. It makes me feel strange to be ordering books like that, not exactly self help but I'm at a loss for a better word. If it helps me get through this experience and take what I want and go where I want then it's worth it, self help or not. And I get to feel like my mom for five minutes without developing an eternal love for the Lawrence Welk show and say "idear" instead of "idea".


JoLynn Braley said...


I can relate to feeling stressed. I've read the "7 Habits..." book, it's a good read, but right now, I'm focusing on A New Earth and some other work I'm doing - changing inner beliefs, which does release the feeling of stress.

Have fun with your projects!

athena said...

I'm trying to have fun with them, really.