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Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life."

The girl who trained me for her job had very bad tendonitis in her right arm. She was a horticulturist by trade and had no idea how very badly you can injure yourself typing improperly. She didn't go to a doctor until her very last day at the job. By her summation, the boss was dissapointed that she was "weak" enough to seek medical attention for a work injury that he preferred to ignore. That should have been a big flashing warning light that I completely ignored. That was how he treated an employee he liked. I have since learned how he has treated employees he didn't like and if he pushes me down the stairs we're going to have a problem.

Truth be told, I spent very little time with the actual boss between my interview (where he was very nice and interested in my abilities) and my first day. All of my training was done with the girl who left. One day we were discussing the new computer they bought for me (iMac, very sexy) and the boss said "what do I do with it if they don't like me after a week?". I thought he was being facetious, but that should have been a warning too.

The thing that makes it difficult is that this job pays more money that I have ever made in my life. I could put a child through college, or, you know, take Chairman Meow to the vet. The other this is that I really like the work, most of the work anyway. I like creating ads and designing the catalogue, I don't like typing longwinded, whiny letters to everyone who has ever wronged him, personally or professionally. I don't like having things removed from my inbox just so he can see how I behave when something is lost. I have no intention of quitting just yet, but I'm not staying either. One of the interesting things that happened when I told folks in Bar Harbor that I was leaving the bank was how many people said "oh, if I'd known you wanted to leave here I would have offered you a job". What I need to do is to bump into some of those people again.

I keep telling myself that I don't have to like him to do the work and take the money. However, I left the bank to do something better, to be happier. This is not it. I was so ravenous for the job I didn't really consider the warning signs. I didn't think about how many year round positions were open at this company and the possible reasons why. It doesn't have to be all sunshine and roses for me to get something out of it, it'll be like my very own literary marvel "the devil does landscaping". Not every job is a perfect fit, it doesn't mean you don't learn from it.

See how reasonable I am today? I'm a marvel of adult, professional, reasonable behavior. Calm, collected, not at all ready to lash out if that man tests me monday.

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MayQueen said...

But, my dear, the devil does indeed do landscaping. On Long Island, anyway. Sorry it's not working out. I say have yourself a merry little blow up if he tries you again and tell him to take his job and shove it. If he's going to be an asshole he doesn't deserve someone as good as you.