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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"adventures in sitting"

Tuesday was a much better day at work, and I even left after 8 and a half hours. Like normal people do. I got to be cranky with a sales rep and fix things and be indispensable, for a whole day. Wooh! And then I got home and Pinky upstaged me by having a baby, the lengths some people will go for attention. tsch.

At present I am learning that office supplies are very expensive and some people like to shop a little too much in the staples catalog. I have to be the person who says "but last month you swore you needed blue sharpies, if you need red sharpies now what do I do with all these blue ones". Can't wait!

I should be exercising right now. I had it on my schedule. In my brain I know I'll feel better afterward, and accomplished and whole...and yet I can't get off the couch. Getting the dishes done was my big accomplishment for yesterday so I'm keeping my goals nice and easy of late. It's harder work than I thought it would be to use my brain all day. Fascinating.

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pinky pinkerson said...

hee - that is the last time I will upstage anyone in that fashion, I promise :-)

(what I don't understand is that as SOON as you have one baby - the biggest decision you ever made in your entire life - people assume you are going to do it again next year! holy crap!)

The nurses in the labor and delivery ward were like - "see you next year!" what?!