10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

You know the economy is bad when it's too expensive to die

That interview was absolutely amazing. I want that job bad, the bad where you wake up and start thinking about all the things you could do with it bad. Arrgh, I'll probably eat a bakery if they choose someone else. They asked the question that all my interviewers have been asking: "Are you one of the forty?". As in my company laid off forty people and that's a lot of paper pushers looking for work right now in a small economy. Most of the resumes the big wonderful opportunity received were from there and were discarded. This is not a paper pushing job, it's a small business pushing job. It's a wonderful job, a gilded flower of a job. God, I wish I wasn't hopping on hormones...it's going to be hard if I'm passed over.

So, hormones and a steady weight. I hate that. I always tell myself it's the water and you'll be SO skinny after but it hasn't happened that way yet so I should tell myself to button up on all counts. I have to go and return some shoes today and since I'm full of hormones I'll probably buy fifty more pairs. I'm just hoping the blond lady isn't there. The blond lady knows I'm a returner and I have a feeling one day she's going to follow me to the parking lot and stab me with a stilletto. The blond shoe lady scares me and I have the balls to admit it...anonymously and on the web. And then I have to go to the gap and they hate me too. In my brain going to the mall is like walking through a passive aggressive minefield. I assume all my favorite stores hate me because I would if I was always farking returning everything. Probably they don't care but it gives the occasion of going to Bangor so much more drama. I envision myself shopping in trenchcoat and dark glasses. God, I need this job just to keep my brain busy.

Hey, I 'm whining about employment and shopping and weight all in one paragraph. That's like a self esteem triple punch right there. Hopefully I come home as bursting with hope as I am now, it's so much worse when the doubts start to set in. They're making their decision super quick so think happy thoughts for me!


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Some happy thoughts coming you way!

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Happy thoughts are being thunk. Officially.