10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quick Quick, before someone sees!

175.4 which is definitely progress. Thank Christ. That 176 was getting old. Really old. Old like how my car is stuffed to the sunroof with dryer sheets because that's supposed to drive away the mice. Car, drive, heh. Anyway it stinks and the mice better think so too otherwise it's a waste of my nostrils. Mountain fresh my ass. Dryer sheets are awful and I hate them. Matt is a big fan but I buy him the environmentally soft pedalling ones to assuage my guilt. He thought the uber sniff ones would be better for mouse hunting so I had to buy some extra strength ones expecially for this project. They actually have a smell-o-meter on the packaging. It goes up to four but none of the packages actually rated that high. I have a feeling it's like they're trying to tell us they could be smellier and they're holding back for our benefit but I really wanted the extra smelly ones. The super toxic deluxe would have been perfect but I'm stuck with a stupid three. Hopefully it's like going up to eleven and three is the real four and mostly I just want the mice to stop eating my stuff. I also bought some pomegranate and lychee green tea, which I can tell you for a fact might be good but definitely not when you're being poisoned by mountain freshness in your car. Peace out.


pinky pinkerson said...

I've noticed that smell o meter! I made the mistake of buying a two-for-one mega-pak of dryer sheets at Costco years ago, and I swear I will never use them up EVER.

Although I did so much pre-baby laundry this past week that I might have a shot at it. THE ROOM IS FINALLY READY. I've had bad dreams where I go into labor while the house is still strewn with unwashed baby clothes, sheets, extra Boppy covers, furniture, etc. Now I can relax (well, sort of, if you call being less than 2 weeks away from your due date relaxing) and go admire my baby's room before there is an actual baby in there to make it less pristine. Ahhh.

Anonymous said...

I just switched to using detergent and dryer sheets that are smell free and what a difference! Somehow my allergies are better and my skin is less itchy...who knew? ;)

athena said...

Aww, babies. That's so exciting. I've been wondering if I needed to send you cigars yet or not!

I'm sure you're less itchy, detergents are nasty. Everything I use is smell free/dye free but apparently that means you're susceptible (sp?) to vermin.

pinky pinkerson said...

No cigars yet! I'm sure everyone who has known since week 12 is wondering just when I am actually going to do this thing - but as of now I am just toting around a six pound wiggly human in my belly (weird!) waiting for him to give me a sign. I would be fine if he wanted to wait until March 1st.

(then you can send me a cigar. I prefer bubblegum over Cubans)

HappyBlogChick said...

Congrats on the loss.

I tell ya, my husband does the laundry. He can use whatever products he wants that smell however he wants ... OK, that's an exaggeration. No "Delicate Scent of Ass" dryer sheets or anything, but otherwise as long as he keeps doing it, he can use whatever.

And we'll have the added benefit of keeping mice out of our laundry room and clothes, apparently.

Rebecca said...

so the new comp is calling for your references?!


high five!!!