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Thursday, February 14, 2008

long day

This morning Dunkin Donuts gave me coffee instead of tea and I didn't realize for 50 miles. I ate two sandwiches for lunch instead of talking to anyone at training. I was really mad that there weren't any cookies but I didn't eat any candy. I drank two sodas with the two sandwiches I ate even though one was enough and one of those sandwiches was chicken and I don't eat chicken except I totally did and it was really good and I really didn't need two cokes. I'm cooking our pathetic Valentine's dinner of frozen pizza as I type. We're going to go out like grown-ups tomorrow after my interview.

That's my day in review. I can't wait to go to sleep. Also to have an ice cream sundae because we're totally having a sleepover party of a valentine's day. Maybe I'll put Matt's boxers in the freezer. And then he'll have me committed.

Happy Valentine's Day all!

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