10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I've lost a whole inch of ass!

It occurs to me that I should have let Matt eat all the cookies before I went and made tiramisu. And next time I won't try to fit a serving of tiramisu in a cupcake. Of all the bowls I didn't need to lick clean that was my favorite. It's been a busy weekend, lots to do to spend a night away. I accidentally went grocery shopping hungry and bought two frozen pizzas. Let's hope Matt is extra hungry this week and I come home to an empty fridge.

So, I have to admit of all the products I've been testing lately the whitening strips have been the most effective. The firming lotion, both of them actually, haven't turned me into a firm cheerleader yet and I'm pretty sure the shampoo for colored hair I've been using is specifically designed to strip all hair into one shade: mouse. It's very disappointing. If you can't trust pretty colored bottles what can you trust?

There hasn't been much progress on the scale but I did notice a tiny difference in my measurements this weekend. The last time I measured was the end of December and yesterday the numbers were a tiny bit smaller. Most impressively I'm lost an inch off my rear and half an inch at the neck. My right bicep grew by half an inch, which I'm hoping is all muscles, and the left went down. Weird. I'm showing about a 1/4 inch change all over which is better than nothing over the course of a month or so. I'll have to make a note for myself to check in another month or so and see how things are going. It's a good pick me up for the moment anyway, gets my head off the stupid scale for a bit. Maybe I'll have my tape measure bronzed.


Fat Grl Slim said...

Don't you love measuring yourself??? For the most part, I'm never really surprised but every now and again one part of my body will be larger than it was on the last measuring day and all I can think is WTF!

Those tiramisu cupcakes looked yummy!!!!!

And I'm with you on the firming lotions. Though I have to say I'm a Curel Restore and Revive Anti-Aging lotion convert. It's nice...

Love the blog as always:)

athena said...

I was surprised about my right bicep getting bigger since I haven't touched my weights in ages, I guess it's the punching in kickboxing. WooHoo for that!

Thanks on both counts. I haven't tried the cupcakes yet, which I think is worth some points...the extra cream was nice though.