10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Does this job make me look skinny?

173.8 hot damn. I'm too busy to eat. Busy and anxious. I've also been too busy to exercise. I have it on my list for today but I don't have great hopes of accomplishing anything spectacular. What I really have to do is get some new jeans and more casual shirts. I hate that I have to but I really do, this is a casual job and I only have two pairs of jeans. As we know I've been saving up for smaller sizes and also for fancy work clothes. It pains me to be buying more 12's (maybe not, I'll have to test drive some sizes) when I have a feeling this job is going to help me lose weight. It's probably fatal for me to mention it but I have good reason. For one I won't be eating crap because I'm bored because I'm not going to be bored. Two because I'll be at the gym first thing every morning.

I'm checking out gyms next week, I need one that opens early so Matt and I can still carpool. Apparently there's a hotel that offers memberships to their gym for cheap cheap and that would be perfect. I don't need a super fancy gym...just a treadmill or an elyptical to get some morning cardio. I just realized that I could even run on the trails at work when it's nice out and shower there and not have to be at the gym every day. It would rock to run on nice soft ground with my dodgy knee. Man, I love this job more and more every minute.

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