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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yeah, that was me

Welcome PastaQueen readers! I've never been prouder of falling on my ass so many times that I had to resort to crawling on my hands and knees! Little did I know the fame embarassing myself publicly could bring. Actually, it should read more like a public service announcement. The moral of that story is for heaven's sake wear boots with traction, or spikes. And that time I got my bare hand stuck to a doorknob a la Flick in The Christmas Story? The moral there is to wear mittens when it's -20. How about my boss' husband just called to say he broke part of his mustache off after wiping his face while shoveling. I don't have a moral for that one, or a mustache. Maybe he shouldn't either.

You'll find my whole fat history here. Thanks for coming by!

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