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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sunkist is the Devil!

I've been living the whole day like it's the 9th and apparently it's the 10th. Which means that I needed to use two pints of whipping cream, yesterday. I guess I'm making ice cream tonight and hopefully it won't kill us. It's been a little strange and a little good that I haven't had the energy to bake a damn thing in weeks. I really don't need to face a fresh plate of cookies every night right now. I have to admit I'm having a bit of difficulty with my Spark plan thing. Case in point, I just finished off a bottle of sunkist orange soda. My throat was scratchy and I just wanted bubbles and the orange label makes you think it's all citrus-y and healthful. Healthful, I must be brain dead. One bottle has 2.5 servings. Each serving has 130 calories. I just drank 325 calories because I was too lazy to make myself a 15 calorie cup of tea and get over it. Of all the horrible things to think, I would have been better off with a can of coke for half the calories.

Then we got the gift of thai food for lunch. I don't want to say that today is pretty much sunk, but it pretty much is. I'll have the salad I made for lunch for dinner and I can account for the calories in the soda but it leaves me nothing left to add some protein to my day. Is it better to eat some protein and go over my calories, or stick to my guns and run low on protein? Part of me thinks that I used to make no allowance for protein in a healthy diet so what's one day? The other part of me thinks it's better habit-wise to eat all the healthy food I'm supposed to eat like nothing happened and just take the hit on the scale if it comes. I can't decide.


Sarah said...

Hmmm, tough call. I think if it was me, I would spend more calories on protein tomorrow, and try and stay within calories today! Overall, you'll have the protein you're supposed to (just stretched out) but if you eat the protein today, then you're definitely over calories...

Amy said...

I agree, I used to eat toast for three meals a day atleast now I do better than that most days.