10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Slow motion better than no motion

One of my delightful emailers asked how things were going since I haven't posted a weight in a while. It's true that a lot of people don't post weights when they aren't happy with the numbers. Nothing so dreadful here, just nothing to talk about. I'm hovering where I was previously, 175, and am in no real rush. Well obviously I am, you know, in a rush. In my brain anyway. Thinner! Faster! NOW! In practice I'm sort of taking a break. An eat more pears and take more walks break, but a break none-the-less. I'm still weighing every day because that is what compulsive people do, it's just not very interesting and it gets old reminding myself that zero is happening on the weight-loss front just now.

My priority right now is re-building my habits. I have genuinely missed my routine since I done broke it in December. So that's what I'm doing. I'm eating my oatmeal every morning because that's what I used to do. I'm taking a walk everyday at lunch when it's not subzero because that's what I used to do. Lunches and snacks are as weird as they ever were so I've got to work on that and get something cooked on the weekend that I can take every day for some continuity. Having a good lunch keeps me from wanting snacks in the afternoon so I need to make that a priority and a habit too.

Exercise in the evenings has been a bit derailed since Matt and I have been sick. Since I've been feeling better I've been trying to get something consistent and it's hard. Is it hard because I've lost a lot of fitness? or because I got lazy? or because I still cough an awful lot for a "well" person? Probably all of the above but it doesn't matter because I am re-dedicating myself to shedding some pounds. I'm going to take things like I did when I first started out. If you go from sitting on your butt to stepping 10 minutes a day that's progress. My goal, my very easy and attainable goal, is to do whatever I can do: kick boxing, pilates, stepper, scrubbing the tub, anything physical every night. As long as I can point to one thing I did every night that wasn't sitting on my arse I'll be happy.

The point is to build the habit of exercise back in to my routine. It might not be as much as I was doing but I have to accept that I can't take nearly a month off and expect to jump back in where I left off. I am happy to report, and especially in light of yesterdays' what have I done with my year rant, I can still do five perfect teasers. I want to die after but I can still do it and that means something to me. Maybe my year wasn't wasted after all.


Rebecca said...

I think the hardest part is realizing that you can't just jump right back to where you were after having taken that much time off, at least for me.

yeah...to reaching goals this year that we weren't able to accomplish last year!

Amy said...