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Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday, it happens every week

Maybe I'm just a wimp, that's probably it. I thought I was all better and I was just holding myself back so I did about 8 seconds of Pilates on saturday. I got through three breaths of the hundred and that's it. I completed not another thing, I'm officially still trashed. This damn virus burned my village and salted the earth and I HATED it.

That is officially the last I am going to say about this evil, horrible virus. I'm going to move on to whining about the evil, horrible scale that read 177 this morning. Bastard has no compassion. It seems I'm only a gold medal maintainer when I can exercise during the week. Whatever, it's over. I'll take a nice relaxing walk at lunch since it's extra warm out and I'll be back to kickboxing soon enough. And, of course, I have a pre-packed, measured out lunch and snacks all ready to roll, it feels a little I'm heading to my first day of school.

To take my stepping out of my comfort zone just a little bit further, I added a food journal of sorts. Actually it's more of a list. I wrote down all the things that I plan to eat today, all the calories and protein and yadda yadda are already calculated elsewhere...it's just a long list of food. It seems like a very long list for someone who's supposed to be "dieting". It's a little weird, to look at my day in food and think it's too much. It's a little worrying that I'm looking at a normal healthy day of calories and thinking it's too much. I think maybe my comfort zone was a little disordered and it's probably good for me to re-evaluate things.

I need my forever plan to be healthy as well as reasonable and do able. This is very much a work in progress.

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