10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, January 18, 2008

In other news

I'm glad I got that bee in my bonnet because it made me completely forget about how I have to start my life over tomorrow. It feels that dramatic. Props to every soul that gets off their stride and fights their way back, it's mighty hard. I really just want the life I had in November. The ease of just exercising all the time because I wanted to and eating what I wanted and having it be all really good for me. On reflection I must have been possessed. Or I'm possessed now. That might be more likely because ever since I mentioned Poptarts that's all I can think about. I'm a tart tart and I just don't know how long I can hold out...mmm...strawberry frosted.

I've already decided to make cupcakes tomorrow. Matt hasn't had a proper sugary treat in weeks and weeks and I'm a little worn out from being a watch dog. I'm going to make cupcakes, they're going to be perfect, and I am going to eat one. I'm also hoping that the snow lets up enough to take a walk because that was really refreshing last weekend. It's supposed to be in the negatives again next week and I want to make the most of the warm enough to be outside weather. I feel like doing something just for me this weekend since it's a long weekend and I have monday all to myself. If I don't have anything specific I need to do in town, I tend to stay home. I usually feel that it's a waste of gas (cough, cough) to run around just because I'm bored. And then I feel like a house bound wretch. Matt says I shouldn't feel bad about doing things I like once in a while, that I deserve to do more with my time out of the house than buying food and toilet paper. He's right, and Bangor is a nice little city and I know next to nothing about it.

I'm always telling myself I need to get out more and now I don't have money as a barrier. If I want to wander around the shops downtown there's no reason I shouldn't. One whole day in the service of nothing in particular, not scrubbing a toilet or washing the floor, would be great. I could even just go to Borders and read their magazines and drink some tea. It would be nice to spend a day not thinking about my budget or chores or how much gas is in the tank. So that's mondays' to do list, stay out of the house. It'll keep me away from the cupcakes too so I'll really be multi-tasking that to do list. Go me.


The Cakehole said...

A day of doing anything you feel like sounds wonderful, enjoy it, and the cupcake! (possibly hink of people you can give them to should the temptation prove too much?)

Amy said...

I expect the house builders will take care of the cupcakes. I tend to make them pink on purpose just so I can think of all the construction worker men in matts' family eating pink cakes on the job site!