10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Circle Slash Whining

I feel better today, gamboling kittens and rays of sunshine better. It's awesome because I was getting tired of my sorry whining ass. I was getting tired of sitting on my sorry whining ass too. The evening stretches long before you when all there is to look forward to is coughing and Nyquil. I really missed my hour of exercise every night. I can't even believe how much of a cliche I am right now, but, making and achieving that goal every night adds to my life. I feel a little bit lost out of my routine, more than I would have expected. Another thing to add to lessons learned in 2007: I like my life better when I'm exercising.

'Course that doesn't mean I'm going to pull out my Pilates mat tonight. I think I'll stick to doing dishes and bathing myself for hardcore heart racing cardio. At least until this weekend, it'll be a see how things go sort of thing. I'm looking forward to tracking my week with Spark, which I had meant to start last weekend. I picked up a lot of their meals and snacks and I made myself a good plan for next week. I have out all my measuring tools and tupperware and I'm going to pre-package a week's worth of food. It sounds so dorky and sad typed out like that. Honestly though, do we think Jennifer Aniston looks like she does because she pours an overflowing bowl of fruity pebbles for breakfast? No, she really doesn't and who should? Exactly. So I shall be a measuring freak, dorkyness be damned.

I guess I'm feeling more like giving it my all. I suppose we all feel like that the first week of January and then we get back in our old grooves. A few weeks ago I wrote about prodding myself out of my comfort zone. That's what the Spark diet is all about. It's not that I think they have an answer, a magic pill. It's a tool to use to make me switch things up, to treat food as a fuel and exercise as a way to burn it. Prod prod prod. I have to realize that if all the things I do, and like to do, worked to help me lose weight...err...I wouldn't still be a grumpy fat girl. I maintain excellently and when the time is right I'll kick some life maintenance ass. To make the time right I have to work harder and plan harder and be accountable and willing to change. No more excuses, in the end they only hurt me.


Debbi said...

One of the reasons I love your blog is that you have such a down-to-earth way of telling it like it is. You're not preachy or grandiose. "Here's the problem, here's the solution, here's what to do about it, let's go." This post exemplifies that.

Glad you're feeling better.

Amy said...

Thanks Debbi, you always say things that make me feel so cool. That's a real gift that makes everyone who knows you so lucky!

Poonie said...

Glad you're feeling better.

What is the Spark diet all about? Do you talk about it in a previous post?

Amy said...

Thanks poonie! Spark.com is a nutrition and fitness website. They have calorie trackers and menu planning options. I think it might have been before Christmas that I mention trying out their menu plan. You input a calorie range (I believe they also require you enter some exercise too) and they output a menu with three meals and snacks based on that range. You can also choose vegetarian or no lactose or whatever. I used to use it just to see how was I was doing on my own but I'm going to give their menu a try, I've got nothing to lose...heh.

Lauren said...

so it's cold there eh? I'm in the measuring thing too. Eventually, it gets easier, and it only takes 18 days to make a habit, or maybe I'm making that up. lol

Amy said...

it's actually sparkpeople.com and i've been misnaming it all this time because i'm oblivious. whoops!