10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Starving with the hungry

That title didn't seem to weird in me head but I'm going with it because damn, I'm too hungry to think of something else. I can't seem to decide what to have for lunch because my plans, you see, are all for weeks that are not this week so I guess I can't eat again until January. If I add some raunchy juice I can call it a cleanse and make a million dollars off the concept. The concept of indecisive starvation. I have to go the the grocery store shortly, that's going to be interesting.

Nope, actually, it wasn't interesting. I guess there's only so much you can pull out of buying bay leaves and lemon extract. Atleast I didn't come home with 50 bags of Milanos. I do have to bake cookies tonight but ones I don't like, Spritz, but which are apparently Matt's favorites. So he won't mind eating them all. I'm pleased to see that my weight has gone down a little bit every day and also that my pants are roomy again. Roomy pants are awesome because I am a hundred years old and I need to fit my long underwear under my dress clothes. One of the times Sarah visited me during the winter it was extra cold, in the negatives every single day and I got my hand stuck to a metal doorknob a la she described it as survival panic inducing. It's like that now, about a month early. 9 is not enough degrees, not for December anyway. I keep trying to put a positive spin on it, cold burns calories. We'll see how that goes when it's March and it's still 9 degrees.


MayQueen said...

I wore my survival panic long johns the other day. It's not that cold here, but it keeps snowing, and I am not amused. The best thing ever is to have a long day at work, have to stand for the whole ride on the subway and the purple line, and then have to dig your car out of its parking space.

Amy said...

Lunch sunday?

MayQueen said...

Yes please! Call me. I lost your number in the Great Purse Flood of Ought Eight.

Amy said...

I shall, tonight or tomorrow or are you home now?