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Friday, December 21, 2007

Putting the D in Disorder since 1980

I am in the camp of unbelievers. I can't seem to wrap my head around this Christmas in five minutes thing. It's just crazy. My boss and I have been discussing it and it makes no sense that we don't feel Christmassy because there's snow and cold and music and boxes of chocolate as big as antelopes. Ehh, maybe this weekend. We have Christmas on Saturday with Matt's family and I'm most excited about what the womenfolk will think of my wrapping. I'm an ocd present wrapper at the best of times but Christmas is like the olympics of wrapping and I WANT gold. At Matt's company Yankee Swap two people said our gift was beautiful and that was pretty much the highlight of my evening. It was a good dry run because all of the gifts I wrap have to match, same paper/same ribbon or a pre-approved theme. Now I know that this years wrapping will make middle-aged women swoon and that box didn't *even* have the personalized Christmas bauble gift tag.

It should be obvious after my ode to wrapping paper that I'm bored to the core today. Apparently most people don't want to bank the friday before Christmas but they do want to bring us cookies and chocolate, and more cookies and more chocolate. We almost scored a Siam Orchid Gift Certificate but Hatsana is on vacation, rats! It's always interesting this time of year assessing what gifts we can and cannot accept. Being that we handle money and loans we aren't supposed to accept any gifts at all, ever. Are we gonna tell old ladies to take their gingerbread men bribes home? no, that would just be mean. Do we have to tell the gentleman who wanted to give us cash that no, we can't accept that? yes. It's a shame you can't tip your banker in cash and keep the moral high ground, it's just a shame.

I'm off home on Sunday to return on Thursday probably. Unless I contract a tape worm (fingers crossed) there is absolutely no way I will make my 170 at the end of December. Alas, not weighing 180 at the end of December is my new goal. I'm nothing if not flexible.

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Savy said...

Man you can wrap my presents then. It just ticks me off, and I ewnd up with my wrist taped to my ear by accident. Ugh!