10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, December 17, 2007

I didn't eat it, I'm just pissed off about it.

I didn't buy any Valentine's day candy, I only binge in season. I'm just apalled that it's out already. I get pushing up Halloween candy sales, I hate it but I get it...there's a long way between pushing Easter candy and Halloween candy. A vast expanse of time with no socially compulsory colored tinfoil themed displays of raw gluttony. To push the candy schlepping a season forward at Christmas seems to make no sense. People are so pre-occupied with red and green I want to know who Hershey's thinks is going to buy Valentines candy in December.

I have had no candy for, uhh, well since whenever I said I was stopping. Except for the teaspoon of sugar in my tea I've been clean. I still don't feel completely better yet but I'm down two pounds. I did Ana Caban's most demanding workout and some kickboxing and it was a pretty good weekend overall. At the moment I'm working up a plan to get sweaty every night and fit in my Christmas baking which I might nix all together. Does the world really need more cookies? Does my kitchen?


Lauren said...

you know, it didn't even dawn on me when you said Valentines day candy. Maybe Rite aid is just trying to sell out their stock from last year before the new stuff comes in? Would that be even worse?

Debbi said...

I'm still sugar-free, and for the first time in years am not baking sweet treats for Christmas. I will, though, be baking cheese straws and a dried fruit-and-nut-filled pinwheel cookie made with Splenda. Neither are particularly healthful, because hello? Butter? Cheese? Nuts? But I'll at least beat down the baking urge and feel like I can contribute to the party food on Christmas Eve.

Amy said...

For once we're all in agreement that there are just too many sweets hanging around. It turns out Matt's mom isn't baking either because she doesn't feel like it. Which is awesome, but it means Matt will have to make his own favorites. Since I hate them I guess I can help, or sit on the couch while he sweats it. I haven't decided.