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Friday, November 09, 2007

On the shocking of the sports store staff

I just hobbled back from Cadillac Mountain Sports. I was surprised the last time that the clerk could hear my clicking. This time it was a boy clerk and he was visually pained by the sound. It was sort of awesome, except OW. He helped me to two kinds of compression brace and neither of them made the clicking stop. There is a larger "oh my god" kind of brace but it's a little pricey. I am cheaping myself out of proper medical care.

I postponed my fancy knee doctor appointment until I could get health insurace or independantly wealthy, whichever came first. That was when I stopped running for fear of my knee cap falling off on the road. Then it was mostly better but it still clickety-clacked going up the stairs but that was all. Then I got a bee in my bonnet about running again and I ran for a few weeks. I am a moron, I see that now. My knee has become hideously clicky. With a new and improved grinding sensation!

The last few weeks I have been stepping for 20 minutes (it never hurt my knee before I took up running on the hills) and then I do 25-30 minutes of Pilates. Every night. I felt like I wasn't doing enough and I had no excuse not to do those things. I have been really happy with the results of kicking my own ass. Even having had the infamous three cupcakes and other infamous things and having a tiny meltdown about some water weight, I'm still showing a loss this week. Precarious as it is. I know I wouldn't be 169.8 on the new scale if I wasn't sweating to the oldies all night. There is part of me that knows that the less weight on my knee the better and then there is part of me that hears and feels the badness in my knee doing Pilates. For anyone who doesn't do Pilates or isn't familiar, it is not knee intensive. You spend most of the time on your back (heh) and I can't think of any reason it should hurt my knee. In short, I'm freaked out. Almost freaked out enough to shell out for the knee doctor.

The take-over is sort of the best thing ever because it means I can insure my ass in January. If I can last that long. I already scrapped all my heels and bought some fancy Earth shoes and I even wear them. I'm going to think about the big giant brace some more and maybe buy it on Pajama Day. If anything is worth shopping at the crack of dawn in jammies it's that.

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Lauren said...

I started having knee problems this year. And when I went to the doctor, they told me (in korean) that is was my weight that was the problem. Ok, so the fact that before monday it didn't hurt then after I took a big fall and whacked it on Monday it hurt and I continue to have issues with it makes no difference, it's just cause I'm fat. anyway. sorry for the ramble, I get all uppity when I think of that. I bought a knee brace (after intensive searching cause finding a plus sized knee brace in korea, not easy) I think you should go to the doctor. just my opinion and you know they are like butts, everyone has one.