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Monday, November 26, 2007

Newfangled technology

I never, ever had my own room growing up. The third girl of a big family in a small house never gets their own room. It wasn't a problem though because I worshipped my sisters, especially their stuff. Stuff, which, all became mine when they went off to college. One of the things I wish I still had was the rotary style princess phone that was in one of those bedrooms. It was gorgeous and antique and it made me feel like Katherine Hepburn when I used it. I have no idea where it went to. It stinks that I can't find it in particular today because I just found out why the phoneline isn't working. After Matt slogged through a million miles of phone line, moved walls, held flashlights in his teeth in cold ass temperatures trying to fix the box outside...we learned from the phone company that we don't have touchtone on our line. If I'd had my antique phone we would've figured this out weeks ago. That, or you know common sense, could've solved the whole problem in a jif.

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