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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NaBloPoMo from home-o

I hate updating by cellphone. The problem with building the house yourself is that when there is a problem in a hundred or so feet of phone line, there's no one but yourself to blame. We have service, we have a dialtone, but you can't actually dial out. It's like a really boring horror movie. Which segues nicely into me having to go to Walmart this weekend. SuperWalmart, for bigger horror for your buck bonus.

I was only going to go to the grocery store. What with the early christmas shoppers (was there a Canadian holiday this weekend?) and the parades I wasn't going to do all my housewifely stuff in those crowds, cat litter just isn't that important. So I was on my way back when Matt needed something and the only place to go was Walmart. W can appreciate this when I say every spot was full. It was full on Christmas insanity. And ofcourse they didn't have what he wanted, heaven forbid, but I got myself some athletic tape for my knee.

Holly, my best friend/nurse/athletic trainer, told me months ago that they used athletic tape on their athletes. Five months later I tried it and it's awesome. Until you take it off. This was totally my fault, it felt so good even after I did my exercise thing, that I kept the tape on. For HOURS. Yes, I'm an idiot but I'm way less worried about my knee now. Knowing that I can fix it with the right amount of pressure in the right places is awesome. Maybe not fix it, but work with it and live with it. I should have learned to do what she says a long time ago. She's a goddess.

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